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What Makes You Feel Beautiful?

What Makes You Feel Beautiful

I found this great article on Real Simple where female writers share what makes them feel beautiful. The responses range from something a husband said to his writer wife — a week before he passed away — to the importance of physical activity during another writer’s brutal chemotherapy treatments to the realization that one writer’s ugly feet really are[…]

Addiction: A Whole New View

Addiction A Whole New View

We’re all capable of being addicts. Here’s the lowdown on our fight against addiction. Our addiction theories and policies are woefully outdated. Research shows that there are no demon drugs. Nor are addicts innately defective. Nature has supplied us all with the ability to become hooked—and we all engage in addictive behaviors to some degree. Millions[…]

Compulsive Choices in Addiction?

Compulsive Choices in Addiction

How Do I Approach Clients Who Feel Out of Control? Is addiction an issue of bad choices or is it a case of biological, compulsive, necessity? If you know anything about me and my views, you know that I think little of anyone who tries to separate these. I see and talk to people all the time who are stuck in compulsive[…]

How to Win The Smartphone-Brain Battle

How to Win the Smartphone-Brain Battle

New Research Explains How To Beat Brain Hackers At Their Own Game A 60 Minutes story aired on April 9focused on how Silicon Valley is engineering your smartphone, apps, and social media platforms to get you hooked. The gist was that programmers are aware of what they need to do to make your brain addicted to their creations—and that they[…]

Feeding Your Addiction

Feeding Your Addiction

Distinguishing Between Food & Drug Addiction Research is beginning to uncover that the brain reward systems responsible for making drugs of abuse so addictive are the same pleasure systems that are activated by the foods we eat. While it’s easy to list differences between foods and drugs our brains can have a very hard time differentiating between the pleasure derived from[…]

Alcohol or Drug Use Can Rob Your Body of Nutrients

Alcohol or Drug Use Can Rob Your Body of Nutrients

Learn How Supplements Can Help Heal Your Body & Your Mind You might be surprised to learn that many people with substance use disorders suffer from nutrient deficiencies. If you’re one of the millions of Americans who struggle with alcohol, stimulant, or opiate addiction, it’s important that you know how your nutritional health might be affected. Supplements can help you[…]

How to Stop Kids From Binge Drinking

How to Stop Kids From Binge Drinking

Know How to Do it, But Need The Social Push The United States has come a long way in encouraging people to smoke less or quit. We need a similar push against alcoholism and binge drinking. Public health measures do help. On U.S. campuses, nearly 40 percent of students confess they’ve downed 5 or more alcoholic drinks at a time[…]

Are More Intelligent People More Likely to be Alcoholics?

Are More Intelligent People More Likely to be Alcoholics

Are Smarter People More Likely to Harm Themselves With Drugs & Alcohol? Dr. Kanazawa has reissued his assertion that more intelligent people binge drink and get drunk more, according to the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (Add Health).  The following data from that study relate childhood IQ to binge drinking and drunkenness: “Very dull” Add Health respondents (with childhood IQ[…]

The Dopamine Reward System: Friend or Foe?

The Dopamine Reward System Friend or Foe

Getting Dopamine From Your Best Connections Not Your Worst Vices Dopamine is trending as the most popular neurotransmitter. And why not? There are days I think it rules the world or at least the day-to-day activities of my friends and family. The craving you have when you smell the coffee brewing in the morning—thank dopamine. That elation you feel[…]

The Psychological Damage of Alcohol Abuse Can Be Lethal

The Psychological Damage of Alcohol Abuse Can Be Lethal

The Psychological Damages of Alcohol Abuse Trump The Physical Risks A new study from the University of Colorado at Boulder reports that the psychological and social consequences of heavy drinking outweigh the physical hazards of alcohol abuse. This is especially true in terms of mortality rates. Heavy drinking was found to create a domino effect that can lead to premature death. Christopher Bergland is a world-class endurance athlete, coach, author,[…]

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