Life Strategies

‘Life strategies’ is an educational program introduced by Dr. Phillip C. McGraw, an American psychologist, writer, and most importantly a television personality known for hosting a famous show ‘Dr. Phil’. The ‘Life strategies’ program is for those who are capable of accomplishing much more as compared to what they already have.

These are people who are stuck at a certain point in life with the hope that they can change. Many of them are badly pampered by their comfort zones to such an extent that it becomes really difficult for them to face real-life challenges; hence emotional instability hinders their progress.

Life Strategies

Like a tour guide who assists in providing the best information, in the same way, this program will guide you through all important aspects of your life, helping you figure out your current life status and what else can be done to make it work better. It is a result-based program and the measurement scale is the change in your life.

Admitting the fact, it’s not working for me is overlooked quite often in our lives and hence we miss the opportunity to look for alternatives. What you should do is choose the right strategy and play the game, but be sure that you play by the rules. This is how you will become a real-life winner.

Life Strategies Work Method

Following are the life laws with the one-liner strategy explainer adopted from Dr. Phil’s online blog:


Life’s Law #1

You either have it, or you don’t.


Become one of those who has it.


Life’s Law #2

You bring into existence your own experience.


You admit the existence or truth and accept responsibility for your life.


Life’s Law #3

People do what works.


Recognize the final outcome or result that drives your behavior and others.


Life’s Law #4

You cannot change what you do not acknowledge.


Get practical with yourself about your life and all the people in it.


Life’s Law #5

Life only gives rewards for actions.


Make cautious decisions and then pull the trigger.


Life’s Law #6

There is no reality; only perception.


Identify the filters through which you view the world.


Life’s Law #7

Life is handled, it is not cured.


Learn to take responsibility for your life.


Life’s Law #8

We teach people how to behave with us.


Accept, instead of expressing dissatisfaction or annoyance about how people treat you.


Life’s Law #9

There is power in forgiveness.


Be aware of what anger and resentments are harming you.


Life’s Law #10

You have to label it yours before you can claim it.


Get transparent about what you want and succeed.