Meet The Team

Executives are responsible for making key decisions regarding the family and individual treatment protocols. The executives ensure that the milestones of treatment are reached timely and that the needs of the patients and clients and the professionals working with them are met properly. The executives rejuvenate Willing Ways with state-of-the-art structure and up-to-date knowledge regarding Psychological and Psychiatric Health. They make sure that the latest trends and principles of Rehabilitation, Mental Health Treatment, and Addiction Treatment are followed. They are responsible for supervising and accounting for all operations at Willing Ways to ensure that the quality is always kept on priority during the treatment of your loved one.

Dr. Sadaqat Ali

Project Director

Taha Sadaqat


Abdur Rehman Sadaqat


Uzma Sadaqat

Director Counseling

Muhammad Mohsin Nawaz (Director PR)

Willing Ways Lahore

Talal Zubair (Director)

Willing Ways Islamabad

Wakeel Murad (Director)

Willing Ways Karachi

Nadeem Iqbal (Director)

Sadaqat Clinic Karachi

Dr- Ajaz Qureshi (Director)

Sadaqat Clinic Murree

Shumaila Batool (Director)

Willing Ways Lahore