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What Makes Marriage Work?

What Makes Marriage Work

It’s How You Resolve Conflict That Matters Most Research indicates you can get mad as hell or avoid conflict altogether. But the positivity must outweigh the negativity by five to one. If you are worried about the future of your marriage or relationship, you have plenty of company. There’s no denying that this is a frightening time[…]

Think Positive? The Pressure to Be Happy

Think Positive The Pressure to Be Happy

How Much Control Do Any of Us Have Over Our Happiness? Smile! Turn that frown upside down. Chin up; everything will be okay. Keep calm and carry on. Think positive. Or as Bobby McFerrin sang years, ago, Don’t worry. Be happy. Such messages are everywhere. It seems as if the undergirding belief is: Just change your attitude and[…]

The Neuroscience of Wanting & Pleasure

The Neuroscience of Wanting & Pleasure

Wanting & Liking Are The Basis of Motivation, Our Psychological Oxygen Humans must find the motivation to continue the journey of life. Motivation to go to work, to parent, to invest in costly long-term relationships, and motivation to wake up every morning and give life another shot. Some aspects of these life tasks must be rewarding for people[…]

The Psychological Damage of Alcohol Abuse Can Be Lethal

The Psychological Damage of Alcohol Abuse Can Be Lethal

The Psychological Damages of Alcohol Abuse Trump The Physical Risks A new study from the University of Colorado at Boulder reports that the psychological and social consequences of heavy drinking outweigh the physical hazards of alcohol abuse. This is especially true in terms of mortality rates. Heavy drinking was found to create a domino effect that can lead to premature death. Christopher Bergland is a world-class endurance athlete, coach, author,[…]

Can We Exercise Too Much?

Can We Exercise Too Much

Compulsive Exercise Can Result in Exercise Dependence I have always called myself an extreme health nut. I thought it was a positive, a good thing… eating really really overly healthy and cutting out pretty much all fat and carbohydrates. … It’s quite weird, you’d go out for a run or a really long power walk and you[…]

Is Hoarding an Addiction or Purely a Compulsive Behavior?

Is Hoarding an Addiction or Purely a Compulsive Behavior

Is There a Difference? What comes to mind when you read the word “addiction?” Does it make you think of repetitive use of alcohol and drugs despite negative consequences? Or do you think of shopping, sexual activity, video games, and gambling at an alarmingly high rate? How about “compulsive hoarding?” Is hoarding an addiction or purely a compulsive[…]

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