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How to Win The Smartphone-Brain Battle

How to Win the Smartphone-Brain Battle

New Research Explains How To Beat Brain Hackers At Their Own Game A 60 Minutes story aired on April 9focused on how Silicon Valley is engineering your smartphone, apps, and social media platforms to get you hooked. The gist was that programmers are aware of what they need to do to make your brain addicted to their creations—and that they[…]

Feeding Your Brain

Feeding Your Brain

The Food-Mood-addiction Connection Between What You Eat & What Eats at You You may already know that your brain and body partner up when it comes to deciding what and how you eat. One is constantly signaling the other to communicate information about how hungry or full you are, how much you’re eating, and whether you feel like[…]

Train Your Brain to Release Stress.

Train Your Brain to Release Stress

Feel Better Faster With New Techniques From EBT ​Stress is getting to us!  New data are showing that stress is getting under our skin and causing even more serious problems than we had thought. Laurel Mellin, Ph.D., is an Associate Clinical Professor at UC San Francisco. She is also the Founder of Emotional Brain Training, www.ebt.org. Editor: Muhammad Talha At the very[…]

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