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Dopamine: Why It’s So Hard to “Just Say No”

Dopamine Why It’s So Hard to “Just Say No”

Recovering From Addiction is About Healing Mind, Body & Life “Why doesn’t s/he just stop when s/he knows how much it’s hurting me?” This is one of the most common questions asked by those who love someone addicted to substances and/or harmful behaviors. It might be helpful for those loved ones to know that stopping isn’t simply[…]

The Dopamine Reward System: Friend or Foe?

The Dopamine Reward System Friend or Foe

Getting Dopamine From Your Best Connections Not Your Worst Vices Dopamine is trending as the most popular neurotransmitter. And why not? There are days I think it rules the world or at least the day-to-day activities of my friends and family. The craving you have when you smell the coffee brewing in the morning—thank dopamine. That elation you feel[…]

Addiction: A Matter of Choice?

Addiction A Matter of Choice

High Levels of Dopamine Take The Freedom Out of Free Choicea Nobody chooses to be addicted. But as people become increasingly hooked, they may increasingly choose to take the pill or the drink, to gamble or to purge, and that’s the thing we need to examine. What is the role of choice in the onset of an addiction?[…]

Why Teens Addict: The Elusive Search For Happiness

Why teens addict The elusive search for happiness

Addiction, Happiness & Youth Happiness. We all want it. If you were born in America you learned early that happiness is not only your right but a national obsession as well. Indeed, not only do we individually spend huge amounts of time, energy, and money becoming and staying happy, corporations spend equal amounts of these[…]

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