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Addicted to Exercise

Addicted to Exercise

When working out shifts from a healthy habit to obsession Do you think it would be great to love exercising so much you couldn’t quit? Does the image of a svelte waistline, slender hips, and shapely legs bring a smile to your face? Think again. That image of beauty may be an unrealistic, media-provoked goal.[…]

All About Eating Disorders

All About Eating Disorders

Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are both eating disorders. Anorexia involves people who intentionally starve themselves when they are already underweight. Individuals with anorexia have a bodyweight that is 15 percent or more below recommended levels (as determined by a standard height-weight table). People suffering from this disorder have an intense fear of becoming fat, even when they are[…]

Body Image & Reality: Changing Perspectives?

Body Image & Reality Changing Perspectives

More than 300 million adults worldwide are overweight, and they’re increasingly failing to recognize the problem, a recent survey has found. The data comes from 853 men and 944 women living in Great Britain in 1999, and 847 men and 989 women in 2007. In 2007, of those who are overweight, only 75 percent realized they fall[…]

Addiction: A Whole New View

Addiction A Whole New View

We’re all capable of being addicts. Here’s the lowdown on our fight against addiction. Our addiction theories and policies are woefully outdated. Research shows that there are no demon drugs. Nor are addicts innately defective. Nature has supplied us all with the ability to become hooked—and we all engage in addictive behaviors to some degree. Millions[…]

Inside The Addict’s Brain

Inside the Addict’s Brain

A Candid Look At The Brainon Drugs Many details have recently been worked out describing events in any brain exposed to the most common addictive drugs: heroin, morphine, barbiturates, tranquilizers, and alcohol (all depressants that slow down processes in the brain and central nervous system); and cocaine, amphetamines, nicotine, and marijuana (all stimulants that generally excite them). As the target organ[…]

Back From The Drink

Back From the Drink

Treatments For Alcoholism That Work. The new approach to alcoholism puts practicality before ideology. What works? Keeping motivation high, for starters. And it’s not even necessary to admit you are an alcoholic to curb drinking. Each year it kills 40,000 Americans. It can damage and destroy every organ in the body, scarring and pocking the[…]

Treatments That Work

Treatments that Work

Proven Methods to Stop Addiction Now Because addiction has no solitary cause, the new view toward it demands that single-minded approaches to drug treatment be abandoned. At least four studies, according to William Miller, have found no differences between groups of alcoholics assigned to Alcoholics Anonymous and to no treatment at all. AA simply doesn’t[…]

The Road to Happiness

Road to Happiness

Five Questions For Four Happiness Researchers Happiness, ventured William James, the noted 19th-century philosopher/psychologist, is reflected in the ratio of one’s accomplishments to one’s aspirations. This suggests, of course, that when it comes to feeling happy in our lives, we can choose one of two paths: continually add to our list of accomplishments–or lower our[…]

What Makes Marriage Work?

What Makes Marriage Work

It’s How You Resolve Conflict That Matters Most Research indicates you can get mad as hell or avoid conflict altogether. But the positivity must outweigh the negativity by five to one. If you are worried about the future of your marriage or relationship, you have plenty of company. There’s no denying that this is a frightening time[…]

Violence Has a Home Address

Violence Has a Home Address

How Parents Can Stop Violencebefore It Starts What are the roots of violence? A troubled mind? The mean streets of the inner city? No, says a major report by the American Psychological Association, they are in the home. And there are things parents can do to stop violence before it starts. The greatest single predictor[…]