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Different Ways to Document Our Happy Moments

Different Ways to Document Our Happy Moments

A few weeks ago, Elizabeth Gilbert posted a great idea on Instagram about keeping a happiness jar. Every day she simply writes down the happiest moment of her day and puts it in a glass container. She’s been doing this for over a decade. “I think it might be the most important spiritual practice [of] my life,”[…]

30 Habits & Beliefs That Hurt Your Body Image

30 Habits & Beliefs That Hurt Your Body Image

Last week, I wrote about 30 habits that can help improve your body image every day. Today, let’s chat about the beliefs and habits that can prevent us from building a more positive body image. Some of these may come from society, the media, or even your own home. While you don’t need to tackle all these[…]

Forgiving Yourself For The Past

Forgiving Yourself For The Past

There have been many moments when I’ve thought, why did I throw away so many years on yo-yo dieting and yo-yo exercise? On fat talk and the fallacy of thinness. On letting others’ opinions of me steer my self-esteem and my life. Why did I let the shame of not being skinny, of deep insecurities, affect[…]

The Beauty of Food

The Beauty Of Food

In our society food has become a villain. A caloric-filled foe. A tease. A treat that we aren’t allowed to have, because it’ll inevitably go to our thighs, arms, behind, or belly. We curse food with its sinful ingredients of straight-to-your-hips sugars, bloat-inducing sodium, or pound-packing proteins. So we turn to sugar substitutes, fake ingredients[…]

15 Ways to Show Yourself & Your Loved Ones Some Love

15 Ways To Show Yourself & Your Loved Ones Some Love

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! In honor of V-Day, below are 15 ways that you can show yourself and your loved ones tons of love – not just today but every day. Hope this brings you some inspiration! 1. Cook a delicious meal and savor it. Eat mindfully, savor the taste, texture, and smell of your foods.[…]

What Body Image Means to You

What Body Image Means to You

I used to think that a healthy body image was all about being OK with how you look, or better yet, being happy with how you look. And I wasn’t. So I thought that I had to somehow become happier with my hips, thighs, belly, and essentially all of me. My initial idea for a[…]

Body Image & Weight Loss: What are You Waiting For?

Body Image & Weight Loss What Are You Waiting For pic

To so many people, weight loss signifies a positive future. It isn’t just losing weight for “health purposes.” It’s finally liking our bodies – and ourselves. It’s finally taking better care of ourselves because we think we truly deserve it after we’ve reached our “goal weight.” It’s finally being self-confident. It’s finally being popular. It’s[…]

The Trauma of Children of Addicts & Alcoholics

The Trauma of Children of Addicts and Alcoholics

An article was written byWritten By: Darlene Lancer: Living with an addict (including alcoholics) can feel like living in a war zone. The addict’s personality changes caused by addiction create chaos. The family dynamics are organized around the addict, who acts like a little tyrant, denying that drinking or using is a problem while issuing[…]

What Makes You Feel Beautiful?

What Makes You Feel Beautiful

I found this great article on Real Simple where female writers share what makes them feel beautiful. The responses range from something a husband said to his writer wife — a week before he passed away — to the importance of physical activity during another writer’s brutal chemotherapy treatments to the realization that one writer’s ugly feet really are[…]

Building a Better Body Image With a Daily Dose of Inspiration

Building a Better Body Image with a Daily Dose of Inspiration

I’ve decided to create an inspiration board to fuel, motivate and enliven my writing. When I’m having a tough time finding ideas or it’s been a rough day, I can turn to my inspiration board for comfort, a creativity boost, and essentially a visual reminder of what’s important. Many professionals use inspiration boards regularly, including[…]