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The Road to Happiness

Road to Happiness

Five Questions For Four Happiness Researchers Happiness, ventured William James, the noted 19th-century philosopher/psychologist, is reflected in the ratio of one’s accomplishments to one’s aspirations. This suggests, of course, that when it comes to feeling happy in our lives, we can choose one of two paths: continually add to our list of accomplishments–or lower our[…]

What Parents Need to Know About Underage Drinking.

What Parents Need to Know About Underage Drinking

Here Are Four Tips For Parents When Talking to Their Kids About Alcohol I am an alcoholic. Seventeen years and nine-ish months ago, I quit a 2-liter of hard liquor a day habit. I started drinking when I was 11 and spent the years up until I decided to quit getting drunk every opportunity I got. It[…]

4 Ways to Be There for Someone Recovering from Addiction

4 Ways to Recovering From Addiction

It Can’t Be About Your Expectations For Them When a loved one is in crisis, it can be hard to know what to say. It can feel safer to do nothing in the hope of avoiding messy feelings or uncomfortable communication. What your loved one needs as they take their first steps toward recovery, however, is your[…]

5 Steps To Changing Any Behavior

5 Steps To Changing Any Behavior

Taking Advantage of The Way The Mind Works to Yield Change 5 Steps To Changing Any Behavior: From quitting smoking to eating healthier to exercising regularly to getting more organized, most of us have a list of behaviors we’d like to begin (or end) that resist our attempts to do so. As a physician, I find myself[…]

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