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Think Positive? The Pressure to Be Happy

Think Positive The Pressure to Be Happy

How Much Control Do Any of Us Have Over Our Happiness? Smile! Turn that frown upside down. Chin up; everything will be okay. Keep calm and carry on. Think positive. Or as Bobby McFerrin sang years, ago, Don’t worry. Be happy. Such messages are everywhere. It seems as if the undergirding belief is: Just change your attitude and[…]

Can We Exercise Too Much?

Can We Exercise Too Much

Compulsive Exercise Can Result in Exercise Dependence I have always called myself an extreme health nut. I thought it was a positive, a good thing… eating really really overly healthy and cutting out pretty much all fat and carbohydrates. … It’s quite weird, you’d go out for a run or a really long power walk and you[…]

Going to Extremes

Going to Extremes

New Studies Reveal That Too Much Exercise Can Be Detrimental to Your Health The subject of beauty, especially as it radiates outward from the recesses of our minds, behavior, and life choices, is my passion. I’ve been known to take that passion to extremes on occasion: traveling from pillar to post speaking about my book, The[…]

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