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Forgiving Yourself For The Past

Forgiving Yourself For The Past

There have been many moments when I’ve thought, why did I throw away so many years on yo-yo dieting and yo-yo exercise? On fat talk and the fallacy of thinness. On letting others’ opinions of me steer my self-esteem and my life. Why did I let the shame of not being skinny, of deep insecurities, affect[…]

The Beauty of Food

The Beauty Of Food

In our society food has become a villain. A caloric-filled foe. A tease. A treat that we aren’t allowed to have, because it’ll inevitably go to our thighs, arms, behind, or belly. We curse food with its sinful ingredients of straight-to-your-hips sugars, bloat-inducing sodium, or pound-packing proteins. So we turn to sugar substitutes, fake ingredients[…]

15 Ways to Show Yourself & Your Loved Ones Some Love

15 Ways To Show Yourself & Your Loved Ones Some Love

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! In honor of V-Day, below are 15 ways that you can show yourself and your loved ones tons of love – not just today but every day. Hope this brings you some inspiration! 1. Cook a delicious meal and savor it. Eat mindfully, savor the taste, texture, and smell of your foods.[…]

What Body Image Means to You

What Body Image Means to You

I used to think that a healthy body image was all about being OK with how you look, or better yet, being happy with how you look. And I wasn’t. So I thought that I had to somehow become happier with my hips, thighs, belly, and essentially all of me. My initial idea for a[…]

Body Image & Weight Loss: What are You Waiting For?

Body Image & Weight Loss What Are You Waiting For pic

To so many people, weight loss signifies a positive future. It isn’t just losing weight for “health purposes.” It’s finally liking our bodies – and ourselves. It’s finally taking better care of ourselves because we think we truly deserve it after we’ve reached our “goal weight.” It’s finally being self-confident. It’s finally being popular. It’s[…]

What Makes You Feel Beautiful?

What Makes You Feel Beautiful

I found this great article on Real Simple where female writers share what makes them feel beautiful. The responses range from something a husband said to his writer wife — a week before he passed away — to the importance of physical activity during another writer’s brutal chemotherapy treatments to the realization that one writer’s ugly feet really are[…]

Building a Better Body Image With a Daily Dose of Inspiration

Building a Better Body Image with a Daily Dose of Inspiration

I’ve decided to create an inspiration board to fuel, motivate and enliven my writing. When I’m having a tough time finding ideas or it’s been a rough day, I can turn to my inspiration board for comfort, a creativity boost, and essentially a visual reminder of what’s important. Many professionals use inspiration boards regularly, including[…]

Addicted to Exercise

Addicted to Exercise

When working out shifts from a healthy habit to obsession Do you think it would be great to love exercising so much you couldn’t quit? Does the image of a svelte waistline, slender hips, and shapely legs bring a smile to your face? Think again. That image of beauty may be an unrealistic, media-provoked goal.[…]

All About Eating Disorders

All About Eating Disorders

Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are both eating disorders. Anorexia involves people who intentionally starve themselves when they are already underweight. Individuals with anorexia have a bodyweight that is 15 percent or more below recommended levels (as determined by a standard height-weight table). People suffering from this disorder have an intense fear of becoming fat, even when they are[…]

Body Image & Reality: Changing Perspectives?

Body Image & Reality Changing Perspectives

More than 300 million adults worldwide are overweight, and they’re increasingly failing to recognize the problem, a recent survey has found. The data comes from 853 men and 944 women living in Great Britain in 1999, and 847 men and 989 women in 2007. In 2007, of those who are overweight, only 75 percent realized they fall[…]

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