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Six Reasons Teens Turn to Drugs

Six Reasons Teens Turn to Drugs

Understanding The Motive Behind Teen Drug Use There comes a time in a teen’s life when he or she is faced with the single decision to take a drug. The power of that one decision is oftentimes underestimated. Some teens are able to say no and others can’t resist the urge and give in to[…]

Signs Your Children are Abusing Drugs or Alcohol.

Signs Your Children Are Abusing Drugs or Alcohol.

Summer Means Plenty of Free Time Summer is here and that means college students are back home and teenagers are out of school. I often find the free time and lack of adult supervision can lead to increased exposure to alcohol and drugs. The exposure to substances of abuse at this time of year makes it important for parents to be vigilant about warning[…]

Four Reasons You Should Pay More Attention to Alcohol Abuse.

Four Reasons You Should Pay More Attention to Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol May Be One of The Most Commonly Abused Drugs in The World Alcohol may be one of the most commonly abused drugs in the world, and Alcohol Awareness Month is the perfect time to delve into the nitty-gritty of alcohol abuse and the way it impacts our communities. Here are four reasons you should pay more attention to[…]

Can You Be ‘Addicted’ to Water?

Can You Be ‘Addicted’ to Water

A Brief Look at Psychogenic Polydipsia, Hyponatraemia, And ‘Aquaholism’ In May 2015, I went to the cinema with my oldest son to watch Mad Max: Fury Road. The reason I mention this is because one of the characters in the film (who live in a world where water is a scarce commodity) tells someone else not[…]

What Makes Teenagers Abuse Drugs & Alcohol?

What Makes Teenagers Abuse Drugs and Alcohol

A new study explores the roots of drug and alcohol use in teenagers. Drug and alcohol abuse has always been a major problem for many young people. According to the 2014 Monitoring the Future survey of drug use among 8th, 10th, and 12th graders, the reported use of illicit drugs has generally gone down though alcohol, cannabis, and tobacco are still[…]

Bipolar Teens and Their Drugs

Bipolar Teens and Their Drugs

Strawberries & Cream, Bipolar Teens & Weed: Which is The Winning Combo Teenagers push the limits. It’s developmentally programmed. As school-aged children, we tend to do as we are told. Then, with the development of new powers, cognition, sexuality, and abstract thinking, we begin to see the flaws in the society around us. We doubt what our Mom or Dad tells us, thinking that we know better.[…]

Breaking Old Habits

Breaking Old Habits

Managers have been known to remove their hair in dissatisfaction with why workers can’t change their behaviors and dispose of old habits. Recent brain research gives us more precise reasons in the matter of why and what managers need to do about it. Most importantly you can’t compel anybody to change. Any sort of pressure[…]

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