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Signs Your Children are Abusing Drugs or Alcohol.

Signs Your Children Are Abusing Drugs or Alcohol.

Summer Means Plenty of Free Time Summer is here and that means college students are back home and teenagers are out of school. I often find the free time and lack of adult supervision can lead to increased exposure to alcohol and drugs. The exposure to substances of abuse at this time of year makes it important for parents to be vigilant about warning[…]

Why Changing Eating Habits (Permanently) is So Hard

Why Changing Eating Habits (Permanently) Is So Hard

Most of Us Can Change What, When, & How Much We Eat. For a Little While Most of us can change what, when, and how much we eat for a little while. But once our newfound “willpower” runs out, we fall right back into old habits. Every single time! Why is breaking up with destructive[…]