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Overcoming Chronic Resentment and the Abuse Ii Causes

Overcoming Chronic Resentment and the Abuse It Causes

Choose Between Resentment And Healing; You Can’t Do Both Recovery from relationships that have suffered chronic resentment is long, complex and fraught with setbacks, whether the couple breaks up or tries to repair the damage done to the union. Unlike anger, which is stimulated by discreet incidents or thoughts, chronic resentment is a general ego defense[…]

Make an Exercise Obsession Healthier by Eating More

Make an Exercise Obsession Healthier by Eating More

How Eating Well Can Increase Performance & Happiness The question of what can make a healthy commitment to something like a sport turn into an unhealthy obsession – and what can reverse this transition and turn obsession back into health and happiness – is addressed by an article I came across recently. Here the personal trainer Gillian Mounsey describes the time[…]

Can You Really Become Addicted to the Internet?

Can You Really Become Addicted to the Internet

New Study Finds Many College Students Are Addicted to The Internet Imagine what it would be like not to have access to the Internet or your cell phone for 24 hours. To me the idea sounds wonderful; for many college students, however, such an idea sounds perverse. According to a University of Maryland study released last year,[…]

Is Gambling Addictive? What Do addicted Gamblers Look Like?

Is Gambling Addictive What do addicted gamblers look like

Casino Gambling, Unlike Drinking, Has No Redeeming Social Value The new American Psychiatric Association diagnostic manual, DSM-5, scheduled for publication in May 2013, for the first time specifies that an activity not involving a substance can be addictive – namely compulsive gambling. Of course, Charles O’Brien, who heads DSM-5’s Substance-Related Disorders Work Group, had to jump through intellectual and scientific[…]

Failure Can Become Freedom

Failure Can Become Freedom

Failure Can Become Freedom: 5 Tips for Overcoming Impulsivity Losing your fear of failure can be very freeing. Being a failure phobic can lead to avoiding risk, which is necessary for success. The best way to get over any fear is “exposure therapy” – being exposed to failure and realizing it doesn’t have to stop you. Lara[…]

How Mindless Leaders Can Create Workplace Problems

How mindless leaders can create workplace problems

Why We Need Mindful Leaders Most leadership books and training programs focus on how leaders can achieve more—do more, better, faster, with spectacular results. We’ve become obsessed with continuous improvement at increasing speed, with resulting rising stress levels to leaders and their followers and deteriorating relationships.  Mindfulness as both a leadership practice and workplace culture holds the promise to bring back balance and[…]

Do Personality Disorders Ever “Go Away?”

Do Personality Disorders Ever Go Away

Do Symptoms of Personality Disorders Change Over Time? Personality disorders involve long-term, problematic behaviors that typically are first exhibited during adolescence and cause marked distress and impairment.  The very definition of personality disorders as “chronic maladaptive patterns of behavior” implies that symptoms are stable over time; however, recent studies indicate that symptoms improve and may even completely remit[…]

Managing Chronic Pain

Managing Chronic Pain

A Surprising Treatment For Chronic Pain I have a small cohort of patients who suffer chronic pain so intense and unremitting it prevents them from living normally. They often don’t work, shop, go to restaurants or movies, leave their homes or sometimes even their beds except to visit doctors, or have meaningful relationships outside their immediate family,[…]

If You Do Something Too Much, Is it an Addiction?

If you do something too much, is it an addiction

Diagnosing Addiction Can Be Tricky This week millions of families will gather together to celebrate a holiday, Easter or Passover. At some of these gatherings, an uncle or cousin will talk too loud, interrupt too much or turn an innocent conversation about the state of the local baseball team into an ugly argument. He or she has[…]

The Meeting Eyes of Love: How Empathy is Born in Us

The Meeting Eyes of Love How Empathy Is Born In Us

The Mother’s Eyes Are The Refuge Where Children Confirm Their Existence. You learn the world from your mother’s face. The mother’s eyes, especially, are a child’s refuge, the mirror where children confirm their existence. From the doting reflection of its mother’s eyes, a baby draws its earliest, wordless lessons about connection, care, and love, and about[…]

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