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How Many People Are Addicted to Exercise?

How Many People Are Addicted to Exercise

The Truth About Exercise Addiction Many people become physically active to look and feel better and to get healthy. But physical activity may become addictive for a small number of people. So how many of us are at risk? Katherine Schreiber, co-author of The Truth About Exercise Addiction: Understanding the Dark Side of Thinspiration, is a New York City-based writer pursuing[…]

Why The Internet is So Addictive

Why The Internet is So Addictive

When We Escape Reality We Are Left in a Virtual Abyss The Internet can be one enormous escape hatch. When life becomes too hard and stressful, when relationships become too unfulfilling or unsatisfactory, it’s compelling to jump down into the rabbit hole of the Internet into a world of virtual reality. Do you understand it[…]

Sugar Addiction: It May Be Very Real

Sugar Addictionm It May Be Very Real

Consumption of Refined Sugar May Actually Be “Addictive,” Research Indicates Scientists and doctors have been coming to the conclusion that sugar, even in relatively small but consistent amounts, may not be healthy for us. In the last few years, the consensus has been leaning toward the idea that refined sugar may be affecting our brains[…]

Is Gambling Addictive? What Do addicted Gamblers Look Like?

Is Gambling Addictive What do addicted gamblers look like

Casino Gambling, Unlike Drinking, Has No Redeeming Social Value The new American Psychiatric Association diagnostic manual, DSM-5, scheduled for publication in May 2013, for the first time specifies that an activity not involving a substance can be addictive – namely compulsive gambling. Of course, Charles O’Brien, who heads DSM-5’s Substance-Related Disorders Work Group, had to jump through intellectual and scientific[…]

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