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Feening For a Technology Fix

Feening for a technology fix

Technology – The Midnight Snack That Consumes You! Imagine this, you wake up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water or a late-night snack. As you walk into the kitchen and open the fridge door, out of the corner of your eye you spot your iPhone. Suddenly you are no[…]

Do You Have a Digital Addiction?

Do you have a digital addiction

Are You Digitally Addicted? Hours-long Internet surfing that contributes to severe weight loss or gain, obsessive e-mail checking, and freaking out (beyond the initial few minutes) when your cell phone goes missing may be signs that you have a digital addiction. Executive Director Cosette Dawna Rae, MSW, LSWAIC heads up an Internet addiction recovery program called RESTART[…]

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