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Do You Need More Sleep?

Do you need more sleep

The answer is probably “yes.” The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has declared the national lack of sleep an “epidemic”. Let that sink in a minute. The CDC, the department focused on illness (and the prevention thereof), is using an incredibly strong term usually reserved for illnesses such as HIV and influenza. Yet, we throw away[…]

What We Drink & How We Think

What We Drink and How We Think

What We Drink and How We Think: This looks at a study suggesting that drug use may cause aggression. Researcher Brad Bushman; Effect of central nervous systems (CNS) depressants such as alcohol and barbiturates; Effects of CNS stimulants, opiates, and marijuana. “O God, that men should put an enemy in their mouths to steal away[…]

Three Phases of Addiction.

Three Phases of Addiction

Getting High, Avoiding The Low, & Craving Tobacco, alcohol, stimulants, opiates, and marijuana are all capable of leading to addiction. Some of these drugs are more addictive than others. Some people are more prone to becoming addicted than others. Authors of a recent review article in the New England Journal of Medicine define addiction as “the most severe, chronic stage[…]