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Why You Shouldn’t Shop When Sleepy

Why You Shouldn’t Shop When Sleepy

A Creative Study Shows The Cost Of Going to The Market Tired Imagine you just pulled an all-nighter studying for an important exam, worked a double shift through the night, or were up all night with a child who has the flu. The next morning, you find yourself hungry and suddenly remember there’s only a[…]

People, Places, and Things – How Important are Drug-Related Triggers For Relapse?

People, places, and things – How important are drug-related triggers for relapse

Drug Associated Triggers Are Powerful Re-activators of Addictive Behavior In cognitive-behavioral therapy they’re a big part of the “Five W’s” = When, Where, Why, With, and What. In the various 12-step programs they’re simply referred to as “People, places, and things.” But no matter how you refer to them, drug-associated cues, or “triggers” as they[…]

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