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Sharing Our Shame

Sharing Our Shame

I just penned a piece for our main blog about being ourselves, what this really means and what it really looks like. One of the psychologists I interviewed shared this story with me: A young man was deeply ashamed about his enormous debt from student loans and credit cards. He didn’t want anyone to know, including his[…]

Escaping or Accepting?

Escaping or Accepting

On Accepting Your Feelings, Rather Than Attempting to Escape As far as I’m aware, there has been no time in the history of the human race when the majority of human beings attempted to accept their feelings rather than escape them. Escape is a natural way of avoiding pain and unpleasantness. This technique works for short-term relief, but it[…]

Is There Such a Thing as “Shame” Power?

Is There Such a Thing as “Shame” Power

Why Shame Can Both Help & Hurt Self-Control A recent blog post I wrote has been generating debate in the comments section: Does shame motivate self-control? And more specifically, can shame encourage people to lose weight? It’s quite a real debate in the field of psychology, and there’s evidence to support both sides. But a careful review of the seemingly[…]