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Yoga: Good for Addicts & The Rest of Us

Yoga Good for Addicts and the Rest of Us

There Has Been a Lot of Debate About Yoga There has been a lot of debate about yoga. Is it just good exercise or does it have an impact on the brain that can be used as part of a therapeutic program for treating disorders like addiction? Recent research suggests that yoga acts on the brain very much like meditation and[…]

Mindfulness Meditation & Addiction

Mindfulness Meditation & Addiction

Causes For Addiction & How Mindfulness Meditation Can Help With Them One of the first steps in dealing with addiction is to discover the emotional cause of it, whether it is fear, depression, anxiety, or pessimism.  Many times these unwholesome thoughts and beliefs come from what I call the “wanting mind.”  In our wanting mind, we feel that our current[…]

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