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Screentime & Arrested Social Development

Screentime & Arrested Social Development

Screens Are Preventing Kids From Practicing Social Skills & It Shows Children and teens who experience social anxiety — feeling discomfort or distress in social situations — or who are socially incompetent are at particularly high risk for developing dependence on electronic media. This is true whether the preferred activity is surfing the Internet, video gaming, or texting[…]

The Pursuit of Happiness–Or the Quest For Wealth

The Pursuit of Happiness–Or the Quest for Wealth

The Materialistic Search For Happiness is Laden With Paradox Sadly, in our capitalistic culture today, the two aspirations denoted in the above title–to me, sharply contrasting–are frequently confused. They can be (and have been) viewed as virtually identical. And if in fact happiness is conceived in monetary terms, then the more money gained, the more material objects acquired, the[…]

Parenting: Raise Excellent — Not Perfect — Children

Parenting Raise Excellent — Not Perfect — Children

Are Your Children Perfect, or Just Excellent? Perfectionism is one of the most destructive diseases among American children today. Perfectionism is a double-edged sword. One edge of the sword drives children to be perfect. These children push themselves to get straight A’s, be top athletes, and save the world on weekends. The other edge of[…]

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