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There is a New Link Between Screen-Time & Autism

There Is a New Link Between Screen-Time and Autism

Too Much Exposure, Especially in Boys, May Stunt Social Development Brains at every age, especially developing ones, adapt to the environment in which they find themselves. What worries a growing number of advocates are the potential risks of heavy screen exposure, including, they believe, the hastening of autism in the young and attention deficit–hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in older children. Richard[…]

Autism & Screen Time: Special Brains, Special Risks

Autism and Screen Time Special Brains, Special Risks

Children With Autism Are Vulnerable to The Negative Effects of Screen Time. Children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are uniquely vulnerable to various brain-related impacts of screen time. These electronic “side effects” include hyperarousal and dysregulation—what I call Electronic Screen Syndrome—as well as technology addiction, to video games, the internet, smartphones, social media, and so on. Victoria L. Dunckley,[…]

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