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Alcohol in the Human Body: An Odyssey!

Alcohol in the Human Body An Odyssey

Dr. Sadaqat Ali: Unlike anything else we eat, alcohol is absorbed differently, is eliminated differently, and affects us all in a different way as well. More information on all of these issues means better decisions when it comes to drinking. We all drink water and it is important to us. We know its significance, but[…]

Harmful Drinking The Mystery Unfolds: Dr. Sadaqat Ali

Harmful Drinking the Mystery unfolds Dr. Sadaqat Ali

Alcohol is a Selectively Addicting Drug. A nightmare for some. Dr. Sadaqat Ali Most of us have been exposed to alcohol at one time or another. Drinking is in fashion all around. What we don’t realize is that alcohol is a selectively addictive drug. For most drinkers alcohol is a harmless social beverage. But an estimated 10%[…]

An Interview with Dr. Sadaqat Ali on the Issue of Alcoholism

An Interview with Dr. Sadaqat Ali on the Issue of Alcoholism

Most alcoholics don’t even know they have a problem. So what are the signs of alcoholism and when should you, as a family member, start worrying that you might have a problem? Joining us to answer these questions is Dr. Sadaqat Ai. He is a graduate of Dow Medical College, Karachi, and is a recognized[…]

Alcohol Hangover: Hanging Over The Commode or What?

Alcohol Hangover Hanging over the commode or what

Some people wake up “the morning after the drinking” with a throbbing headache, a sick nauseous stomach, and a fluffy tongue. Veisalgia is the little-known medical term for this condition, but the rest of us call it a hangover. Why is it called a hangover? While some believe it refers to “hanging over” the commode,[…]

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