Understanding the Signs of a Codependent Person

Understanding the Signs of a Codependent Person |

It is a fact that addiction is a family disease because it affects not only affects individuals but it also affects all the other family members as well. According to the books related to addiction, when there is a disease comes into a house, it affects all family members of that house, even if it affects a child who is just two years old. Over here at the best addiction treatment center in Islamabad, there are signs that are about the codependence person, and the family members of the addictive patient suffer a lot due to this suffering family develops issues and diseases as well, and the most common disease from which family suffers is codependency. Basically, it is a dependent personality disorder or a kind of nonchemical addiction. In this disease, a person develops a dependency on a person who is already dependent on any chemical or behavior. Suppose a patient’s life patterns are disturbed due to a certain chemical. A person who is codependent develops the same life patterns and disturbance due to the overindulgence in that addictive person. If you or someone you know is struggling with this complex interaction, seeking guidance and support for overcoming addiction challenges can be instrumental in promoting healthier relationships and overcoming these patterns. 

Codependency has many signs and symptoms through which we can identify the codependent person. Those signs of a codependent person are:

Focus On The Other Person.

A person who is codependent focuses on another person and deprioritizes himself, his life, and even his health and heavily focuses on another person and prior other person’s life and health over anything. A codependent person does not take care of himself due to he suffers from stress-prone diseases like anxiety, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, etc. By taking care of another person, his own personality or individuality fades away.

Low Self-Esteem

It is commonly seen that codependent people cannot say NO to their loved ones, and when they have to say no to their loved ones, they feel very bad about themselves. This is due to the low self-esteem that they think negatively about themselves. Understanding Percodan addiction, including its risks and warning signs, can help codependent individuals assess enabling behaviors that may inadvertently support a loved one’s opioid abuse. They develop a negative self-image and feel so low about themselves.

Suppressing Feelings

It is very commonly seen in codependent people that they generally hide their feelings. They do not express their emotions and feelings easily. It is a communication style that is passive communication style which they adopt while living with patients of addiction. Whenever any problem occurs, they clear that mess and remain quiet and do not talk about those problematic behaviors, due to which problems arise, and they suppress all that in themselves. The major consequence of passive communication style is the onset of diseases in an individual, like people who have passive personality develop a disease like depression, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, etcetera because suppressing feelings have a direct impact on our general health.

Detachment From Everyone

It is observed that a codependent person detaches from everyone. They detach from their job and their relationships; even they try to run from the questions of others. Due to this, they lack socialization and interact with other people. Addiction recovery challenges like craving and stress can further drive stress. Their job performance gets very low, and this is all because they overly attach themselves to the patient of addiction, and over-attachment to addiction patients deteriorates their overall health.


A behavior that is seen very commonly in family members of addicts that is rescuing behavior. It is a sad reality that family members always try to protect the addict. They act like a shield and always protect the addict. It is also seen that they cannot listen to addicts. They even fight with their own family members just to save the addict. We working as addiction counselors also observe that codependents feel uncomfortable when we talk about the problematic behaviors of the patient. Basically, codependent focuses on the temporary wishes of patients that they cannot foresee the longer-run effects of that particular behavior. So it is recommended that family members should not offend the patient, and they should always focus on the betterment of the patient. Drug addiction center all over the country gives training on the healthy behaviors and beliefs of family suffering from addiction. One of them is Sadaqat Clinic Karachi, which serves as the best rehabilitation center in Pakistan and emphasizes getting training to combat codependency. The treatment gives awareness of codependency in order to eliminate it.


According to a codependent person, a patient is always in a danger zone if he is not around him. They think that the patient is safe until and unless he is around them. This is because they don’t trust anyone. Although it is a fact that when a patient gets admitted to a rehabilitation center, he is in a safe zone because, in a rehabilitation center, he gets treatment there are no chances of any accident, suicide, death by withdrawal, overdose, or any fight with anyone but in the mind of the codependent person he is in danger zone. What is co-dependency? It is an unhealthy reliance on another person for emotional stability and self-worth. Understanding this dynamic empowers families to develop trust and set healthy interpersonal boundaries. That is the reason that codependents call after the admission of the patient frequently and ask about the health of the patient, so it is a very common sign of codependents that they cannot trust anyone easily.

Imbalanced Interaction             

Healthy interaction involves two-sided efforts, value, and respect, but in addiction’s case, it is observed that a codependent person involves in unhealthy interaction. It is one-sided interaction in which only the codependent person makes all the efforts and sacrifices for the patient, but he would never get anything in return. Due to this unhealthy interaction, the codependent gets frustrated and disliked, and his overall life gets affected. Knowing how to get help for Lortab addiction empowers families to transform unhealthy dynamics into constructive support systems. With professional guidance, they can learn new interaction patterns to aid their loved one’s recovery.

It is very important for family members of addictive patients to identify the signs in themselves and work on eliminating them because when there is codependency in a house, the disease of addiction cannot be harnessed in that house so in order to harness disease of addiction codependency should be treated properly. 

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