Drug Addiction Recovery: Withdrawal Challenges in Overcoming

Drug Addiction Recovery: Withdrawal Challenges in Overcoming |

Withdrawals are of two types.

  1. Acute withdrawals
  2. Post-acute withdrawals

The word withdrawals, often experienced during the recovery journey over here at the best addiction treatment center in Lahore, is the problem of the time, meaning the pain that emerges after drug abstinence. After abstaining from drugs, the immediate occurrences are known as acute withdrawals. As their name suggests, these withdrawals manifest immediately and are primarily physical in nature. The symptoms of acute withdrawals are nausea, diarrhea, rise in heart rate, pain, muscle pain, trembling, tremors, fever, loss of appetite, teary eyes, flu, and lethargy. Acute withdrawals are the first step in the detoxification process. Detoxification is a process in which drugs get detoxified from the body. Different drug withdrawals vary. The withdrawals of benzodiazepines are life-threatening, but all drug withdrawals stop one’s daily life functioning. These withdrawals duration is 10 to 15 days or 28 days. After the management of acute withdrawal, they will gain a stage of recovery where he is comfortable when the patient is free from drugs and free from pain and breaks that addictive cycle, and the causes of personality disorders like genetics and childhood trauma can make a recovery more complex.

The second withdrawal type is Post-acute withdrawals, as shown by the name of the withdrawals that come after acute withdrawals. Post-acute withdrawals are psychological in nature. It lasts approximately two years, but the intensity of post-acute withdrawals decreases with the passage of time. The symptoms of post-acute withdrawals are sleep disturbances, mind-body coordination, memory problems, inability to think clearly, stress sensitivity, and emotional disturbances. It is not necessary to have all symptoms in one patient. The maximum number of symptoms is three, but we see in our experience that patients have one of these symptoms. Sadaqat Clinic is the best rehabilitation center in Karachi which withdrawals are managed effectively so that patients can feel comfortable in living life and don’t need to use drugs again due to pain.

Sleep disturbances:

Sleep disturbances mean not having slept at night, or odd sleeping patterns, sleeping for long periods at one time, or having dreams that are related to old life or life means the life that is spent in active addiction. Due to that dream, sleep disturbs me. 

Inability to think clearly:

Having difficulties in making decisions or thinking about abstract concepts, understanding the sex addiction problems solving, rigidity in thinking, one thought that comes again and again, and then being able to break this cycle of thought.

Emotional problems:

Emotional numbness means a person may not be able to feel anything, even in serious conditions like loss of love or death of love. The patient may feel no pain because of this numbness or the patient can overreact. Over-reaction means he will not make a response. He will react over. In situations where a reaction requires, he will not only react; he will overreact. In a situation that requires one unit reaction, he will react with ten units. People in their surroundings may think that in this situation, it is not an appropriate response or reaction.

Stress sensitivity: As you know, skin sensitivity, tooth sensitivity, and stress sensitivity are the same. The person is not able to differentiate between low level and high level of stress. There is neuroscience therapy for addiction that will work for the betterment of people. The level of stress can manage easily without whelming it over. The relationship between stress and post-acute withdrawals is direct. Direct relationship means that symptoms will increase when a person is having stressful situations that make these symptoms worse. It means if the patient is in relaxed situations, he can remind things easily, he may have problems in mind-body coordination and sleeping problems, but in stressful situations, these symptoms get worse. 

Mind-body coordination:

Problems in mind-body coordination means having connection problems in mind and body. The messages from the mind may receive body lately, dizziness, not having balance.

Short-term memory problems: A person has problems memorizing things even if the person understands the task and intends to do it, but within minutes, things disappear from the mind because of this symptom. The person’s daily life effects. 

Management of post-acute withdrawals:

Physical withdrawals, including life traps that hold you back, can be managed by a medical expert team. If anyone wants to remain abstain from drugs, withdrawal is the thing that leads a person again to start using drugs, but in a rehabilitation center, the withdrawals are managed by a medical expert. The patient only feels 15% of withdrawal’s rest is managed. Post-acute withdrawals can also be managed. The management of Post-acute withdrawals is managing diet, education and retraining, spirituality, exercise, managing stress, and by applying various techniques.


The way we eat has related to stress a lot because hunger also produces stress, so being hungry means being stressed. In addition, sugar-concentrated things and fast food items on a daily basis also produce stress, so avoiding fast food and avoiding sugar-concentrated things like (juices and sweets) can be beneficial in managing a healthy diet. 


Engaging in exercise will help in porn addiction recovery and also keep relaxation hormones released automatically, which makes a person calm and relaxed. By doing exercise work and yoga, the stress hormone, which names cortisol, does not release to the body feels relaxed and post-acute withdrawals remain managed. The techniques which are used to manage post-acute withdrawals are verbalization, ventilation, and backtracking.

Verbalization means sharing thoughts with any family member who will not criticize and understand the disease. You need to talk about what you are experiencing. Even trivial matters should be discussed. Not sharing your thoughts will be problematic for a person. Another technique is ventilation.

Ventilation means expressing your feelings what you feel share them with any family member.

As both types of withdrawals are a challenge in recovery from drug addiction, relapse prevention is the key to success, and it should consider the best aspect and the best way to recover from drug addiction is to take help from the rehabilitation center. As stress is a factor that makes post-acute withdrawal symptoms worse, we say that in the Sadaqat Clinic Karachi, we give psychoeducation with that we educate the patient about stress management so that they can manage their daily stressors effectively.