Strategies to Make the Treatment Successful

Strategies to Make the Treatment Successful |

"Recovery is our lifelong process"

                            Most people need clarification on this phrase. They think we need to be in a rehab center for a lifetime. But it means to be to make treatment successful recovery for the whole of life as addiction generates and affects the person gradually, same as that recovery comes slowly but lasts long. If people seeking recovery adopt new strategies, they get help to sustain their recovery for a longer duration of life. Still, it does not mean they need to do that for once only because recovery is not a one-time process. It consumes time, energy, and effort. People seeking a successful recovery from addiction need to adopt the strategies we will discuss further in this article. Sadaqat Clinic Karachi is the best rehab center for their competent implementation of these strategies to make addiction rehabilitation successful.

There are so many strategies that need to consider for making treatment successful. Some are the following mentioned.

Being realistic about disease and treatment:

It is most important to have logical and factual knowledge about addiction and treatment, including the long-term scars of a wounded childhood. Having reality-based information helps the patient to follow their treatment structure by applying recovery tools and following the guidelines provided by the organization and the therapist. When patients get scientific and realistic knowledge about addiction, they get to know and accept that they are diagnosed with a primary, progressive, chronic, and fatal disease. Chronicity of the disease means it is life long disease. It can only be managed and cannot be cured completely.

Consequently, they learn to manage their disease. Another fact about addiction is that it is a primary disease. There is not a single external reason behind the development of the disease. It generates on its own when the metabolic drug system gets dysfunctional, and it stops filtering the drug, then addiction generates. So, after knowing this reality, patients come to know that the external world is not responsible for the disease. You should know the root cause of porn addiction to make your treatment and recovery successful. The actual cause is in their system, which is called metabolic error. Another reality of addiction is that it is a progressive disease. It means if the addicts do not get treatment or abstain from their drugs, their disease keeps progressing day by day. It shows in the face of the amount of consumption of drugs, time spending in abusing drugs, and life and health-related problems that increase day by day.

Last but not least fact that every addict needs to know that if addiction remains untreated, it can kill the person. It is a highly potentially fatal disease. Therefore, knowing the real and factual information about the disease is the first and basic strategy to make the treatment successful. Sadaqat Clinic  Karachi is known as the best drug rehabilitation center because they not only keep the patient away from drugs but also counsel the patients and provide reality-based information about the disease, which helps them to be in recovery.

Surrendering the will to make treatment successful:

The other strategy is surrendering the will of the patient. It helps the patient to make recovery successful and lifelong. Addiction does not only affect the patient’s physical health but affects the brain’s health and brain functioning as well. Consequently, the patient will not remain healthy anymore. So, there is no good reason to let the patients spend their life according to their own will; they must surrender their will to their higher powers and family members because they are healthy people with healthy brains, and they can think better for the patients than patients themselves. It helps the patient to promote recovery by giving up on their will and following the higher powers. Patients at Sadaqat Clinic Karachi are taught to surrender their will to their family members, and then they are only responsible for tracking their family members’ will or commands.

Use of scientific knowledge:

Before coming to a rehab center, many people try all the things and behaviors to treat their addiction, but all of that remains useless. What only works is TREATMENT! Why? Because the treatment does not generate from common sense, it comes from scientific approaches. In treatment, we follow science, and science is unbiased. At the same time, common sense or layman’s practices are biased and favorable, so it is crucial only to follow and utilize scientific knowledge. Families of addicts must also deal with their addicts with scientific brains instead of the emotional brain. The only use of scientific knowledge helps the patient to make a recovery successful rather than the use of common sense. At Sadaqat Clinic Karachi they provides training to patients and their families about the scientific points of addiction and its treatment, along with core counseling techniques to support the journey

Family Support :

Sadaqat Clinic Karachi is the best rehab center in Pakistan; it trains families for patients’ recovery because science highlights the effective role of the family in making their treatment successful. That is the reason all family members should get training for providing the best support to the patient of addiction.


Due to addiction, patients’ life becomes unmanageable and out of discipline. After coming into treatment,  it is more than necessary for the patient to follow the routine and maintain discipline for a healthy and productive life. It helps to make the treatment successful.

Sadaqat Clinic Karachi is known as the best rehab center for playing a vital role in giving a complete routine structure that promotes recovery. Patients are strictly required to follow the routine pattern provided by the organization.


Recovery is not an overnight happening miracle. It requires attention, time, consistency, and dedication. Patients suffering from addiction must follow the points mentioned above to make their recovery successful. Recovery is a time-consuming process, yet it is a real and effective pathway to a happy and healthy life.

Written by;

Misbah Mehboob

Associate Clinical Psychologist

Sadaqat Clinic Karachi

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