Post-Rehab Recovery Dos and Don’ts

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Post-Rehab Recovery Dos and Don'ts

Over here at Willing Ways Lahore, they offer comprehensive counseling services for persons during their post-rehab journey. After taking inpatient treatment, there is a new start, called post rehab journey, as treatment is divided into two phases 1. In patient 2. Outdoor (post-rehab) both have Their importance. Still, post-rehab is a second big stage of recovery where the patient’s treatment gets shifted from rehab to home or in the family. Sadaqat Clinic Murree is the drug addiction rehabilitation center in Murree, where they treat patients and the post-rehab stage very well. They provide professional guidance for do’s and don’ts of recovery related to post-rehab. Have you ever thought about why 40 to 60% of addiction patients relapse after inpatient treatment?

Post-rehab is a very difficult stage of recovery where people make mistakes. There is a need to understand that Addiction is a family disease where no one person suffers from Addiction. Instead, one person takes drugs, and the whole family has to pay for the consequences of Addiction. So, in recovery, there is a role of the patient and the family. There are some dos and don’ts related to recovery, which are very important to follow the dos and don’ts of recovery. These are very important to follow for both patient and family to gain a desirable result in recovery.

Do’s of recovery:

  1. Make a plan to avoid triggers

Triggers are situations that could cause relapse where an individual gets stuck and feels a strong urge to take drugs. He tries to cope with this difficult situation but could Get fail so, for preventing relapse, there is a need to make a plan to avoid triggers, for this making a list of the situation/events which could be difficult for you to tackle and make strategies to handle with these triggers. Willing Ways counseling service provides guidance on navigating life after Addiction and emphasizes the importance of patient and family roles in addiction treatment recovery.

  1. Cut off toxic friends

It is very important in post-rehab recovery to cut off the old friends who used to take drugs and even smoke. Keeping a connection with old friends is the biggest cause of relapse. In this case, Willing Ways Lahore gives full guidance on Post-rehab life and help to make a strategy to prevent them from relapsing.

  1. Manage your stress

stress could be a trigger to collapse, do some walking, exercise, and drink plenty of water to manage stress. Sadaqat Clinic is the best rehabilitation center in Karachi. Where they hold programs on stress management for people who are suffering from Addiction.

  1. Follow a routine

The addiction recovery can be a vicious cycle as addicts often struggle to follow a proper day-night routine and can’t perform related activities. Still, in recovery, there is a need for a good way where an individual takes sleep for eight hours at night hours and wakes up early in the morning, and performs daily life activities.

  1. Medication

If your doctor has prescribed medication for post-rehab recovery, there is a need to follow this and take medicine properly. Sadaqat Clinic is the rehabilitation center in Karachi where they assess the condition of patients and give medication for post-rehab recovery.


  1. Never neglect family support

  As we know that in drug addiction recovery, only a person cannot take responsibility for his recovery or treatment. There is a need to take family support, and the family should also be corporative with the patient.

  1. Stop enabling

In order to make addiction treatment successful, there are strategies to make the treatment successful and It is essential you stop the enabling behavior from family members. There Is a need to stop enabling from family because enabling is a behavior that could always be discouraging behavior towards treatment. The family should make him self-responsible for his behavior and give him responsibilities to make him independent.

  1. Do not exclude him

The family should make an effort to involve him in the gathering, talk to him, share, and spend time together so that the patient can feel comfortable.

  1. Don’t feel fear

In addicts threatening behavior is common behavior, but the family should not be afraid or fearful of the patient. Especially after treatment, there is a need to tackle him without fear. In this case, Sadaqat Clinic is the rehabilitation center in Karachi, where they give training to the family on the dos and don’ts of recovery after rehab.

  1. Manage your anger

There is a need to work on family anger. The family should learn anger management skills which are very important in this treatment.

  1. create a safe environment

A safe environment means there is a need for the family to maintain a stress-free environment and never discuss or share issues which can create stressors because patients identify disputes in the family and take advantage of family disputes. As a result, patients’ treatment gets spoiled. So, maintaining a stress-free zone is important.

Don’t feel guilty:

Most families consider that they have done some wrong deeds in their life or have not given a good upbringing to their child. They blame themself for their child’s actions, but the fact is choosing drugs is a personality tendency getting sick is unfortunate, so the family should not feel guilty; instead, they should feel confident to treat their child. In this case, sadaqat clinic is the best rehabilitation center in Karachi, providing professional guidance on the dos and don’ts of recovery regarding post-rehabilitation recovery.



 Written by

Sumaira Parveen

Clinical psychologist

Sadaqat clinic

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