Life’s Ups & Downs

Life’s Ups & Downs

From the birth of a human being to his death, various events occur in his life, including thousands of happy moments and thousand of moments of grief. During this life, he makes many intentions and decisions. Yes, he acts on them and at times, even after deciding to withdraw from them, the human being tends to make errors and it suffers from pain as well, he is also experienced enough to face the problems in his life. Sometimes he lives his life without being alienated from the world.

As a person grows older, he realizes that life is not as good as it used to be, there are very few people who spend their lives struggling with anxiety while there are others who suffer. Come to the door where their strength responds prematurely and they are unable to endure even the smallest grief. On the one hand, they are very big decision-makers, but there comes a time in their life when they think not 10 times but a thousand times to make a small decision. They are afraid and fearful, life prematurely exhausting them and the exhaustion that goes with no medicine, no comforts, or night’s sleep. From childhood to adolescence, to old age, and then to old age, a man teaches everything he probably never wanted to learn, but there are some people who do not need old age to learn different lessons. It brings them to the threshold of old age, so it is not right to say that neither Hafiz Jalandhari;

 Make intentions, think, break

It doesn’t happen anywhere

In life, we are looking for days when everything is good or we dream that there will be no problems and everyone will continue to have fun – like a paradise environment, no worries. But this is not the case, the challenges come in life, the name of the lowly is life, it is to be seen that when the challenges come, we are subdued underneath our personality, which is the power within us. Whether the hope is diminished or that hope is hidden somewhere in these difficulties, we look forward to an opportunity that we can take advantage of.

Listening to the stories of fairies and kings in our childhood we live in the same tragedy and we think everything is good, but with time and experience, we realize that the end of every story is not good. Life is not as pleasant and smooth as it is known in these stories.

There are both good and bad days in life, sometimes we do not even look forward to our beautiful days because we are leaving behind these moments and pursuing future dreams, for example, dreams about our children’s success, Or dream of building a small home for yourself after retirement. Because of these desires, we often miss out on good times.

Yet we are not promised that there will always be prosperity in life or that there will always be bad times. We assume that everything in life will be green, all will be good, but it is not. We have to face both good and bad days, now it is up to us how we deal with crises and bad situations.

When you already have a Crisis in your life, you should try not to deal with it more often than to create multiple problems for yourself. Instead of the emotional side, the seriousness of the issues should be looked at and resolved in a logical way.

Sometimes we wait for miracles in our lives, and we wait for our own capabilities.
They don’t get used to it and start living their lives waiting for a Messiah, as some women wait for them to see a prince sitting on a white horse. We should do something rather than expect miracles.

The better and the worse in life are actually decided ourselves, where even small mistakes can sometimes make for us big mountains that take us a lifetime to cross. Do not exclude yourself and your family from comparing yourself to others, but we will flourish as much as our sheets allow.

Written by Hafsa Shahid (Clinical Psychologist)
Thoughts: Dr. Sadaqat Ali

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