Drug Usage | How to Eradicate Drug Addiction From Universities & Colleges?

Drug Usage how to eradicate drug addiction from universities & colleges

According to the United Nations at present, 8 million people in Pakistan are suffering from drug addiction, and every year an increase of 40,000 people. Addiction cases are found in our best universities, colleges, and schools in Pakistan. If you ever go to a campus, you will see a clear situation that many people are using cigarettes and cannabis and there are many students who are not doing it right now when you see them but are regular users. Looking at the circumstances and their lifestyle you will find that they are also in the use of drugs. So there is no doubt that drugs are spreading like pandemics in our universities and other educational institutions, such as in the universities of Europe, the USA, and Canada.

According to one estimate, the number of students in universities is the same age as students who are out of university, so university children are 2% more likely to go to drugs. The main reason is that they are more likely to face academic stress. Due to the light of education, they are easily accessible to drugs. It is a misconception that people are more addicted to it. One of the major reasons for this is that the environment of education has become particularly distressing Mothers also often scold their children, meaning that our lifestyle has made a big difference and that the fun elements are high. In a world where achievements and performances are visible, you will also see the intoxication phenomenon. You see for yourself that people who are famous lawyers, generalist pilots or bureaucrats, use alcohol more often than the general public. General Chat Lounge

Can Social Pressure Also Cause Intoxication?

Suppose one of the major causes of addiction in children who study is also the pressure of friends. Suppose the university is intoxicated, then obviously it will be in the hostel and other students who are not addicted to drugs. Those who are intoxicated will also have a lot of pressure. And there are some students who follow the personality and if they use drugs or such chemicals, they will want to use the same thing as their inspirational personality and live their way. Will.

Has The World of Drugs, Along With Technological Inventions, Advanced?

Nowadays addicts are much more powerful than before. Today’s cannabis is 100 times faster than the former. This time some new types of addicts have also been introduced that were not before, such as the problem with Ecstasy, Cocaine, Meth, and so on. Is that with the mixed-use of many drugs, people can hide the effects of the drug, such as if someone uses alcohol, they will use cocaine to hide the effect and give the viewer the wrong impression. That this student is not drunk. The harmful effects of intoxication include hiding from other addictions and fatigue until evening and falling asleep and then waking up at night, and again at five o’clock in the morning, destroying the intestines of natural chemicals in the brain. This is a sign of students who have Addictive diseases are addicted.

Benefits of Addiction

Along with the many disadvantages of intoxication, there are some benefits that are known as jaundice and do not work for long. These are the other names for timely comfort and lasting distress. As students usually wake up at night for long periods of time in the exam and when they find it difficult to wake up at night, they use certain chemicals that may cause them to lose sleep over time. They have to wake up, and then when they want to relieve their fatigue they fall asleep, they use some chemicals to soothe them, and they run the chemicals of their brain that they like. Is going to take them towards great destruction. Some students use cannabis to enhance their intelligence, they say, it draws us closer to God, eliminates shame, makes us confidentsharpens our mind, but in reality, Things are only comforting to yourself. It is a bargaining deal in which a human being buys only health by destroying his health.

Addiction Definition

It is not necessary for the addict to be addicted to the disease every day, and sometimes the addict is not an ‘addict‘. Remember that intoxication is a physical, psychologicalsocial, and spiritual disease that is found in the genes of a person whose genes are addictive. Will have to rise. And if one does not have genes in action, he will not do so much harm but will lead a backward life.

The Study of Sudan

According to a recent Sudan study, people who consume marijuana only once a week will see their intelligence drop ten percent within five years and their chances of developing insanity will gradually increase and that would be 70 percent more likely than their other family members. But if they use it seven days a week and only 50 times a day in their life, they will be 600% more likely to develop schizophrenia as a result of the problem of intelligent students who use drugs. At the same time the grades fall down in their education and at the same time, you should take their urine test so that even if something goes wrong, it can be caught early. The person who uses alcohol, the effects of this drug are visible all over his life. The person who is a drug addict is very strange and he is visible to everyone who is a drug addict himself in various activities. Cannot be included because it is a disease that engulfs itself in everything that a human has.

After All, Why is The Fear Not Stopping The Usage of Drugs, But The Situation is Only Growing Worst?

So far the work that is done around the world for information on drugs is just a slogan that is a campaign like say no to drugs. But it is not enough to just do it verbally, for that we have to put up strong bonds that will give us results and increase our enthusiasm. To eliminate these things, such slogans do not work, but they have to perform some vile behaviors that can be measured and seen.

How Can Drugs Be Overcome in Educational Institutions?

If cigarettes are completely banned in all colleges, then addiction will be controlled to some extent. Unfortunately, there are only three universities in Pakistan that have made themselves a Smoke-Free Zone but such work is not yet seen in other universities. There should be no revolutionary program, but an evolutionary program in which to add to their curriculum so that they can learn to manage stress in the coming life, and to overcome their problems rather than escape. Learn to be.

Structure Process

In one of the universities where ten thousand students, for example, one percent of the student’s urine sample will be taken every day, i.e. one in ten thousand students will get a urine sample through a ballot. For example, if a European sample is taken and tested through a 10-student belt every day, and one of these 10 students’ European positives comes out and the remaining nine negatives, you start to categorize them into two categories. Now after a month, you will have 270 students in that ‘drug-free category and thirty students in the ‘drugs‘ category.

Now, the next step will be to test the students in the drug category daily and their education program will not proceed until the test is cleared, and their families will be referred to it. And in this way, three thousand students will be tested in one year and ten thousand students will be tested in the same year. Having urine testing should be an important behavior in universities and it will keep many people on guard against abstaining from alcohol or else my test may come up positive. And thus the use of drugs in educational institutions can be controlled.

Our children are a very valuable asset to our young people. Seeing them go to waste, at least I want to do my part as a doctor and as a father, and I need your help.

Written by Hafsa Shahid (Clinical Psychologist)
Thoughts: Dr. Sadaqat Ali

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