Second Marriage | Is it a Crime

Second Marriage Is it a crime

In which Dr. Sadaqat Ali states the reason why people raise their fingers on the second marriage? Does this mean that doing something affects the intentions of the person doing it?

In fact, no one can lift a finger on anything that is legitimate. But any work that is not done legally will definitely raise a finger. Second marriage is not an unlawful act, especially in Muslim society, where it is not allowed to lift a finger if it is allowed legally and legally. Fingers up when the procedure is being misused, or something is being stolen. The good thing is that there are some good things that can be done with theft, such as zakat or atonement. When a thief marries, he does not marry but steals, and he himself is a thief, and the thief is never treated well. Now he has to pay for his kayak. What do they say?

‘Building a house on the sun and then finding shades Step on the swamp and then find the foot’

If a man wants to get married, he must first intend it and be clear about his views. And then she shares her thoughts with her family. Generally, second marriages are those for which the first marriage fails. And without knowing why the first marriage failed, they marry the second.

The Basic Purposes of Marriage

1. In order to create a regular system, Allah Almighty placed this marriage system in human beings so that his world could move forward and the race would continue.
2. Second, when moments of closeness are available, they meet each other’s biological needs.
3. You complete each other’s imperfections. If one earns, the other handles the house. Then they encourage living together to give advice.
4. But unfortunately, people here think that they get married for work at home or some kind of purpose will not be fulfilled that often.
5. So when we do not even acknowledge the purposes of marriage, such as in matters of proximity, even in today’s modern age, our thinking is that this is a bad thing. And don’t even understand why it’s a bad thing to be accepted. You can see how much marital relations there are between spouses and often because of this math, spouses do not get along well. And a spouse spends fifty years with each other and in those fifty years they threaten each other fifty times, I will not stay with you or I will divorce you. And then when such a man marries a thief, many fingers are raised on him.

That is why it is said that this is what happens then in such works.

Written by Hafsa Shahid (Clinical Psychologist)
Thoughts: Dr. Sadaqat Ali