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As a diabetic educator and Counselor, Mohsin Nawaz holds the Diabetes Q&A Sessions on Treatment Hazards in Diabetes on every Friday. Muhammad Mohsin Nawaz, Director PR at Willing Ways, is a true inspiration possessing the qualities of a commendable communicator and a versatile personality. At the age of 2, his legs got affected by polio. Later, at the age of 13, he had to face a second physical challenge, that is, loss of vision. But he did not surrender to these challenges rather he overcame them with acceptance and determination. He continued his studies through Braille reading and writing system and recordings on audio cassettes. Being an avid reader of Urdu literature, he chose to do his Masters in Urdu Literature in 1999. He also has full command on screen reader softwares. Mohsin Nawaz owes much of his success to his mentor Dr Sadaqat Ali who is the driving force behind the refinement of his skills. Dr Sadaqat Ali brought a major change in his life when in 1997 he gave him an opportunity to serve as Telemarketer for a project of his book series: “One Minute Manager- Urdu Version”. A remarkable sale success in this project became a milestone in his life by providing him a career foundation and he started working at DIP in March, 1999. His readiness for learning and responsible behaviour gave him various opportunities to excel professionally. He is now working as Director, Sales and PR at Willing Ways and the contact person to Dr Sadaqat Ali. Working with Dr Sadaqat Ali and his professionals’ team, he acquired abundant knowledge of counseling and psychology. Mohsin says that Dr Sadaqat’s utmost support and encouragement impacted his life in a manner that imparted confidence and positive energy. The mesmerizing and comforting voice of Mohsin Nawaz became the heart throb of thousands of people when he joined the most popular radio channel “Mast FM 103” in the budding period of the channel. On 1st May, 2004, he started his famous and trendsetting radio show. He is one of the most celebrated FM RJs having a huge fan following ( He is also the Station Director of Web Radio Change O’ Clock ( He also started the TV show “Smart Solutions” on SBN TV with the expert Dr Sadaqat Ali in September, 2014. Mohsin wins the credit of opening new vistas for disabled people being the first host in the world on FM radio and TV with multi disability. He is the mentoring star among the physically challenged people not only in Pakistan but all over the world. In 2010, he was awarded the Best Icon award by Voice Society ( Acknowledging his unparalleled abilities, he has been given honorary Chairmanship of the society. He has been invited by different institutes and universities for motivational talks including a presentation in the National Cricket Academy for Pakistan under 19 cricket team in 2007. Mohsin’s dynamic personality grabbed the spotlight of electronic and print media and has been interviewed by all popular TV channels and newspapers. He enjoys every moment of life. His multi-coloured personality magnetizes people in various ways. Some admire his dressing, some love his taste of music and poetry, some appreciate his responsible attitude and some find him a great shelter of solace. Mohsin Nawaz is an embodiment of saying yes to life! The aura of his invigorating persona brightens up the lives of other people. The magical potion of his warm, sugary words will leave you fascinated, imparting zeal and new energy to your life. He excels the art of helping people find that missing spark in life and the urge to bring a change. A change that will move you to new levels of success and serenity of mind and soul.
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