Nadeem Iqbal |

About Him

Nadeem Iqbal has obtained his master degree from the Islamia University Bahawalpur during his master’s program he has completed his internship in Clinical Psychology from fountain House Lahore and during the internship he Participated in various workshops on cognitive Behavior Therapy, Psychoanalytic Therapy, NLP and Speech therapy and after completing his internship he joined fountain house as Psychologist . He joined Sadaqat Clinic in June 2010 and leter in 2013 awarded with the honor to serve as a Director /Psychologist. He is an experienced Psychologist and counselor in all types of addictions and psychiatric Illnesses. He has been conducting group therapy and individual session for patients and their families. He is an expert in training and counseling individualsand families on various social issues like marital counseling,parenting, better communication skills, personal development, anger management, anxiety management. He is qualified psychologist and life coach. He is truly passionate about life couching and helping people to make a difference and achieve success. As a psychologist and very natural coach, he trained people how you can get the opportunity from every problem and see the conflict as an opportunity.