10 Ways to Heal From Childhood Trauma

10 ways to heal from childhood Trauma

“10 ways to heal from childhood Trauma”

There are two well-known types of traumas people are aware of. Acute Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress. Experiencing something unpleasant and reliving those memories every now & then consistently in form of nightmares or flashbacks causes PTSD. Complex Trauma is another form of Trauma that is a product of aggression which is persistent and unavoidable. If explained simply, a child can go through this trauma if they are physically or verbally attacked, by their caregivers. Being ridiculed, experiencing violence, or rejection in any form. Trauma is inescapable for the child.

Here Are The 10 Ways to Heal From Childhood Traumas

  1. Acknowledge – Accept and acknowledge from your heart and mind about the trauma. This will allow you to get on track for healing.
  2. Psychotherapy- Talking out helps externalize your suffering which gives a better chance to grasp and overcome it.
  3. Identify your Triggers- observe and find out what triggers your trauma, this would further let you work on dealing with it in a better way.
  4. Grief: Give yourself time to grieve experiencing the death of a loved one is traumatic no matter if they were unkind. Grief time will allow you to let go of the hard and disturbed emotions. This may even allow you to forgive.
  5. Alternative Treatments: Along with Psychotherapy there are a few more options like EMDR, DBT or Somatic Experiencing which might help. These treatments work by muting the neurologically embarked traumas in the brain.
  6. Break the Cycle: Responding to your triggers every time reinforces the response, not responding to the trigger will break the cycle which will weaken the reinforcements & eventually fade away.
  7. Spirituality: Expressing of faith is found valuable in determination of their self-worth; also letting go of post grievances.
  8. Medication: With Trauma comes other Psychiatric disorders like Depression, Anxiety or Phobias- in such cases medicines are needed to stop trigger responses.
  9. Let go if you can: letting go is a powerful technique, allow yourself to let go if not then at least accept what has happened. Life is not fair, but holding to the grudges will cause hurt and increases pain.
  10. Help the next generation: Learn from your traumas and raise you kids with a promise not to hurt  them like you had been hurt. You can also volunteer to work less fortunate children in role of a teacher, therapist, pastor or a coach. Doing it wrong might trigger your traumas & pass it to the next generation but with guidance & help you can do it right. It is a chance of healing for you & the world.

Written by Manhal Khan (Clinical Psychologist)
Thoughts: Dr. Sadaqat Ali

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