Salman Ahmad Awan |

Salman Ahmad Awan graduated from Forman Christian College University (FCCU) with an Honors degree in Psychology and also completed certification in “Everyday Parenting” from Yale University (USA). He currently holds a position as a Psychologist at Willing Ways, a leading institution known for pioneering work in addiction treatment, psychiatric, and counseling services in Pakistan.

At Willing Ways, Salman facilitates the “Will & Skill” group sessions every Monday, focusing on the Chimp Paradox, a renowned psychological model that aids individuals in managing their thoughts and emotions effectively. His expertise also extends to conducting stakeholders’ sessions, which are pivotal in aligning the therapeutic approaches with the needs and expectations of all involved parties.

Salman’s role at Willing Ways includes providing individual and family sessions, where he employs a tailored approach to address specific psychological needs, promoting mental well-being and personal growth. He conducts family sessions to educate them on the structure of addiction treatment and also conducts one-to-one therapy sessions with addicted patients to provide motivation and skills for recovery.

His deep understanding of human psychology and effective communication skills enable him to connect profoundly with his clients, fostering an environment conducive to recovery and self-discovery.

In addition to his clinical work, Salman is an influential motivational speaker and an active social media influencer with over 300,000 followers. For eight years, he has been creating and sharing educational videos that delve into essential psychological concepts, mental health awareness, and motivational content, making significant contributions to public education in psychology.

Salman’s commitment to his field and his impactful engagement with both his clients and the online community exemplify his dedication to enhancing mental health literacy and support across multiple platforms.