Mariam Saeed |
Mariam Saeed (Clinical Psychologist)
Currently working as an Addiction Psychologist at Willing Ways, Lahore. I provide Individual counseling sessions, family sessions as well as Group Psychotherapy. Apart from the clinical aspect of my job, I also develop social media posts and reels.
Ever since I can remember, I have found myself to very keenly observe how other people communicate and behave in society, wondering what makes everyone’s story so different. Being a sensitive person myself I wanted to understand and help others heal their pain. In the early years of my life, I wanted to study art and become an artist however, my inclination towards helping people heal increased and I decided to study Psychology.
I completed my undergraduate degree in Applied Psychology from Beaconhouse National University (BNU) in 2019. During this time I gained practical knowledge regarding psychopathology as I completed my 1 month internship at Services Hospital, Lahore.
In 2023 I completed my Masters in Clinical and Counseling Psychology from BNU, specializing in Substance Abuse Rehabilitation. I specialized in Substance Abuse Rehabilitation because I noticed how so many young people were badly affected by substance abuse and unfortunately there weren’t many professional psychologists to help them, that is how my interest developed to know more about this subject specifically. During my masters degree I was able to gain extensive knowledge regarding treatment of various psychological and psychiatric disorders. I completed my first clinical rotation at Amin Maktab, where I had the opportunity to provide psychological treatment based on Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) for neurodevelopmental disorders like Autism Spectrum Disorder and Intellectual Disability. I then completed my Adult clinical placement at Punjab Institute of Mental Health (PIMH) working at the male psychosis ward where I was able to learn Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for psychiatric disorders such as Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder. My final clinical rotation was at the Addiction ward at PIMH where I was able to provide treatment to people suffering from drug addiction and other psychological/psychiatric disorders. My clinical rotations were based on in depth learning regarding assessment, diagnosis, case formulation, therapeutic techniques and psycho educating patients regarding preventative measures.
Apart from clinical psychology I am certified in Psychological First Aid and Problem Management Plus. I have also conducted research based on the subject of Forensic Psychology
 and wrote my undergraduate thesis on Reasons for Crime, Personality and Guilt in Women Prisoners. I have also conducted research on OCD in my postgraduate degree which was Perceived Parental Acceptance/Rejection and Guilt Sensitivity in Adults diagnosed with OCD. I was lucky enough to be selected to present my research paper on OCD at the 14th International Conference Pakistan Psychological Association in 2023.
Apart from working as a Addiction Psychologist my interests and hobbies are wide spread as I enjoy working out followed by eating a healthy meal along with painting, socializing, traveling, reading philosophical books and nonfiction books. I have also had the opportunity to work in other fields such as marketing, event management, consultancy and production.