Marhama Shams

Marhama Shams |

Marhama Shams, a clinical psychologist with a profound interest in the field of addiction and other mental health disorders. Interested to work in child and adult services. She has done her B.Sc in clinical psychology from Shifa Tameer-e-Millat university along with multiple internships from PAF hospital, poly clinic hospital, CMH and Greenfield psychiatric hospital. She has attended training workshops for bipolar and autism. She is also a member of ISSUP (International Society of Substance Use Professionals) and is gaining experience and certification for ICAP (international certification for addiction professional).

She has done multiple courses from foreign universities which includes neurobiology of addiction from American Society of Addiction Medicine, understanding anxiety, CBT and depression from University of Reading England, childhood adversity and maltreatment impact from University College London, forensic mental health and criminal justice from Monash University, understanding ADHD from King’s College London, foundations in Dementia from University of Nottingham, supporting grieving parents in loss of child from New Castle university, among others. 

She has high inclination towards research work for the prevalence, diagnosis, treatments and consequences of mental health disorders. She is head of medical research department at SYNCH, Pakistan. Her aim is to explore the mental health disorders and their impact on multiple aspects of an individual’s life. She aims to treat patients humanely and respectfully. 

She is skilled and professionally implements CBT, DBT, REBT, psychodynamic therapy, interpersonal therapy, Exposure therapy, Family and marital counselling, and group therapy. She is influenced and extensively reads the work of Franz Mesmer, Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, Ivan Pavlov, Wilhelm Wundt, Emil Kraepelin and Jean Piaget to improve her skill and knowledge. She is avid writer and reader as well. At Willing Way, she is actively performing her duties as a professional Clinical psychologist providing individual psychotherapy sessions for Outdoor patients, family sessions for the respective patients, and group therapy for patients with special skills and interests in:

  • Addiction treatment and rehabilitation counselling
  • Alcohol use disorder counseling and treatment
  • Family and marital therapy
  • Bipolar disorder treatment and counselling
  • Conversion and other somatoform disorder treatment and counseling
  • Dissociative identity disorder treatment and management.
  • Schizophrenia disorder treatment and management
  • Personality disorder treatment and counseling
  • Crisis intervention and counselling
  • Non-chemical addictions counselling and treatment.
  • Behavioral disorders management and treatment
  • Executive Skills, Personal Development, and Self Esteem Building