Jahan Ara Rana |

About Her

Jahan Ara Rana is a well-known name in psychology fraternity of Pakistan, with hands on skill set in community work, addiction rehab, stress management , acquired through years of practice, reading and edification in the relevant fields. Jahan Ara Rana posses extensive teaching in various Universities. She is the member of Pakistan psychological Association(PPA). Caritas International Organization has been some feathers in her hat, she has tried & tested her skills, polished them in these fields and inculcated her knowledge in the brains of the masses. She has done her M.sc in Applied Psychology from Punjab University along with Ms in Clinical Psychology from Riphah International University Lahore along with multiple internships from names like PIMH,12 months experience in Psychiatry in Mayo Hospital & Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, she is working in Willing Ways Addiction Treatment Centre since 2010 as a clinical psychologist , She has one class A thesis on Broken Family Children under her belt, the cause and effect rationale juveniles go through, the repercussions and their trigger points. Her key strengths are in the fields of Adolescent counselling, Family counselling, Parental counselling, personality development, stress management and behaviour counselling. She has excellent dexterity in intervention data writing with the Families of Addicts ,a range of routinely collected administrative and clinically generated healthcare data that could be used to evaluate the impact of interventions to improve care. Addiction and its impacts on self and society is yet another solid field Jahan Ara Rana is very good at, she develops tailored programs for addicts, how to handle them, how to control the urges and how to settle back in society once the addiction is gone. Further to this, she is good with Behavioural problems in juvies, career counselling, social and psychological issues, trauma counselling. Jahan Ara Rana is exceptionally good at office management, specialized program development, literature-based instructions. She keeps regular appearance in TV talk shows and can be seen giving a bang on perspective over any issue under discussion. Jahan Ara Rana also has a huge student base and is regarded as one the finest mentor, guardian and fine human being.