Maha Tariq

Dr-Maha Tariq |

Dr. Maha Tariq, the finest graduate of one of the most prestigious institutes of Pakistan King Edward Medical University (KEMU), is committed to the cause of rehabilitation of mental and physical facilities of her patients. After graduation, she has the honour of completing her foundation year training at Mayo Hospital Lahore which happens to be the Pakistan’s largest public-sector tertiary care hospital. Throughout her foundation year journey, she centred herself, with all her mental and physical strength, around patient management and provision of quality care. Besides her academic achievements, Engaged fervently in multiple initiatives focused on promoting mental health awareness and providing psychosocial support, Dr. Maha Tariq gained an in-depth insight into crucial indicators of human behavior and the diverse factors contributing to psychiatric disorders. Through her active participation in these projects, she developed a profound comprehension of the underlying causes of mental health issues, allowing her to make significant contributions to this field of study. Apart from her efforts regarding mental health issues, she worked at Diabetic Clinic, associated with Mayo Hospital, to benefit her patients with her in-depth knowledge and skills regarding counselling and management of those with Diabetes. Currently, she is performing her duties as a Resident Medical Officer in Willing Ways Lahore, and aims to provide the best care to the patients admitted for rehabilitation and detoxification. With an adept proficiency in counseling and a remarkable talent for swiftly establishing profound connections, she skillfully discerns and addresses paramount challenges that impact her patients, guiding them towards a path of optimal recovery and well-being. Beyond her professional dedication, her leisure moments often see her gracefully moving across the tennis court, pursuing fitness endeavors at the gym, or engaging in spirited matches on the volleyball court. During intervals of relaxation, she immerses herself in literature encompassing the realms of personal growth, financial acumen, and the teachings of Islam, showcasing her diverse and enriching pursuits beyond the realm of her therapeutic practice.