Huma Sadaqat

Dr-Huma Sadaqat |

Graduated from prestigious King Edward medical university, Batch 21. After graduation, She did one year house job in Mayo hospital Lahore, largest tertiary care public hospital established in 1870.She learnt management of primary progressive chronic diseases & emergency patient management there. Besides study, she also participated in different patient welfare societies in KEMU like SPWS and VFHAT.
Currently, she is serving as medical officer in willing ways Lahore. Her understanding of patient’s agony going to rehabilitation phase makes her an empath & a better care giver. Words of comfort, skilfully administered are the oldest therapy known to man. We hope to practice that art in willingways.
She loves reading & studying with passion.In her free time, you can find her reading psychological thrillers, writing short poetry & exploring new places to diverse her mind.
Afterall, what is life if not exploration of your own mind.