Dr. Haris Mahmood

Dr. Haris Mahmood |

Dr. Haris Mahmood is a distinguished medical professional with a strong academic foundation and a commitment to excellence in patient care. He completed his FSc from the renowned Government College University (GCU) Lahore, and went on to earn his MBBS from the prestigious King Edward Medical University. Dr. Haris’ dedication to his field was evident early in his career, as he was awarded the Best House Surgeon and Best House Physician accolades during his rotations at Mayo Hospital, reflecting his exceptional skills and compassionate approach in both surgical and medical wards.

With over four years of experience as a medical health writer, Dr. Haris has successfully bridged the gap between complex medical concepts and patient-friendly information, contributing significantly to public health education. His writings have empowered countless individuals with the knowledge to make informed health decisions. 

Dr. Haris is currently serving as a medical officer at Willing Ways and Diabetic Institute of Pakistan, where he is dedicated to the physical and mental well-being of his patients. In this role, he provides comprehensive care and psychological counseling to the patients addressing their mental, health, and addiction challenges.