Ahsan Qadeer

Dr. Ahsan Qadeer |
Dr. Ahsan Qadeer, a recent graduate from the esteemed King Edward Medical University (KEMU), has emerged as a promising medical professional. His journey led him through an internship at Mayo Hospital Lahore, a prominent public-sector tertiary care institution in Pakistan. During this pivotal phase, he showcased remarkable aptitude in patient assessment, management, and prioritizing patient well-being.
However, Dr. Ahsan’s accomplishments extend beyond his medical prowess. He actively immersed himself in projects designed to raise awareness about mental health, underscoring his commitment to holistic patient care. Through these projects, he delved into the intricacies of human behavior indicators and the intricate causes of various psychological ailments.
Presently, as a dedicated Resident Medical Officer at Willing Ways/DIP Lahore, Dr. Ahsan’s mission is to provide unparalleled care to individuals undergoing rehabilitation and detoxification. His exceptional counseling skills and innate ability to forge deep connections enable him to pinpoint underlying issues and guide patients towards recovery effectively.
Beyond his professional pursuits, Dr. Ahsan is a multifaceted individual. When not tending to his medical duties, he finds solace on the badminton court, cricket pitch, or in the refreshing waters of the swimming pool. Additionally, his thirst for knowledge is evident in his reading choices, spanning personal development, finance, and Islamic literature. Not to mention, he indulges in occasional bouts of video gaming, finding a balance between his various interests.
Dr. Ahsan Qadeer’s journey showcases not only his medical excellence but also his unwavering dedication to personal growth, patient well-being, and a life richly lived.
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