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About Him

Executives are responsible for making key decisions regarding the family and individual treatment protocols. The executives ensure that the milestones of treatment are reached timely and that the needs of the patients and clients, and also of the professionals working with them, are met properly. The executives rejuvenate Willing Ways with state of the art structure, and up to date knowledge regarding Psychological and Psychiatric Health. They make sure that the latest trends and principles of Rehabilitation, Mental Health Treatment and Addiction Treatment is followed. They are responsible to supervise and account to all operations at Willing Ways to make sure to ensure that the quality is always kept on priority during the treatment of your loved one . Dr Sadaqat Ali is a renowned Addiction specialist. He pioneered the specialty of addiction psychiatry in Pakistan and has an experience of more than 45 years in this field. He is the Project Director of Willing Ways, Sadaqat Clinic, and Diabetic’s Institute Pakistan. He is a graduate from Dow Medical College, Karachi. Dr. Sadaqat Ali visited the United States under the auspices of ‘International Visitor Program’ of the United States Information Agency (USA) in 1992 on the invitation of Mr. Nicholas Platt, then US ambassador to Pakistan. Dr. Sadaqat Ali has had trainings in the field of Addiction Counseling at Hazelden, Minnesota, USA. He also has had trainings in Communications from Vital Smarts, Utah, USA. Dr. Sadaqat Ali is an expert on Emotional Regulation, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). and He is also known for change counseling. He loves to counsel and train people on how to have a healthier lifestyle. He has worked extensively with thousands of people from all walks of life on establishing healthy habits to make them more successful in their lives. Dr. Sadaqat Ali’s name was included in the international Who’s Who directory of professionalsin 1999. He has authored several books on alcoholism and addiction and has an extensive vault of videos and print material regarding mental health, counseling for change and addiction recovery. Dr. Sadaqat Ali has been interviewed by international media as well. He appears frequently on National TV Channels and expresses his views on drug addiction, alcoholism, compulsive gambling, suicide prevention and home runaways.