Director Islamabad

About Him

Mr. Talal Zubair joined Willing Ways Pakistan in 2005. He is working as Group Director at Willing Ways Pakistan supervising work of two key branches of the organization based in Islamabad and Murree. In addition, he has been managing the international office of the organization. Mr. Zubair holds a Masters degree in Business Administration with majors in Management and Finance from Preston University and Associate Cost and Management Accountancy (ACMA) Certificate from Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan. As Group Director, Mr. Zubair is responsible for implementation of overall organizational policy in three broad areas: management, counseling and finance. His on job experience and academic background has enabled him to play the supervisory role with efficiency and effectiveness. He serves as a bridge between Project Director and the employees of the organization that ensures coordination, harmony and smooth working at policy making and operational levels. In the area of human resource management, Mr. Zubair has been primarily dealing with hiring and training of new employees. In the financial management area, he has been entrusted with projects of physical infrastructure expansion and asset development for the organization. His background in accounting management has been crucial for this. Through his keen interest in psychology and human behavior, Mr. Zubair has gained specialization in family counselling and imparting training in areas such as development of key stone habits, staging interventions, resolution of marital discords, brat-raising, communication skills and personal development. Over the years, he has developed effective counselling skills that have helped numerous clients in changing their own lives and the lives of their loved ones. He has been interviewed by several newspapers on behavioural and psychological health issues. Through his professional networking, he has been instrumental in expanding the scope of the projects undertaken by the organization. He is fond of travelling and reading books on personal growth and development. He speaks Urdu, English and Spanish languages.