Miss Ayesha Qayyum |

About Her

Ayesha Qayyum Clinical Psychologist. Highly graduate interested in working with child and youth services too. utilize remarkable interpersonal, rapport-building, and counseling skills. Offering knowledge and training in mental health, therapeutic intervention protocol, and crisis management. goal-oriented professional with a strong work ethic and a high level of integrity. She has excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities, as well as the capacity to make well-considered conclusions. a strong communicator, both verbally and in writing. Highly resourceful and dedicated Psychologist with knowledge of psychopathology and the factors that influence mental health. Trained in psychological assessment, cognitive behavior therapy, and research. Eager to provide support, psychoeducation, and therapy with help of basic counseling skills to individuals with mental health problems and their families. She participated in various workshops, such as Stress Management, Depression, mood disorders, CBT, A guide to physical psychological, spiritual health Psychological first aid, and history-taking skills. she has done her internship at Shifa International Hospital. At Willing Way, she is actively performing her duties as a professional Clinical psychologist which include: individual psychotherapy sessions for both Indoor and Outdoor patients, family sessions for the respective patients, and group therapy for patients with various psychiatric illnesses.