Dr. Saad |

About Him

Dr. Saad Ansar is a fresh graduate of the premier institute, King Edward Medical University (KEMU). After graduation, he completed his internship/foundation year training at Mayo Hospital Lahore, Pakistan’s largest public-sector tertiary care hospital. During his internship, he excelled in skills like patient assessment, management and safe patient handling. Besides his academic achievements, Dr. Saad was actively involved in various projects centered on mental health awareness and psychosocial support, enabling him to understand key human behavior indicators and the various causes behind psychiatric illnesses. Currently, he’s performing his duties as a Resident Medical Officer in Willing Ways Islamabad and aims to provide the best care to the patients admitted for rehabilitation and detoxification. His counselling skills and the ability to develop a deep and rapid rapport help identify critical problems affecting his patients and get them back on track in the best possible way. In his free time, you can find him on the squash court, at the gym or the swimming pool. If not, he’s probably reading books on personal development, finance and Islam.