Understanding the Facts About Addiction: Myths and Realities

Understanding the Facts About Addiction: Myths and Realities |

There is an urgent need to raise awareness of the disease of addiction in our society since there are many myths and misconceptions about it. Here at the best addiction treatment center in Lahore, we are actively working on how to raise awareness about addiction because there are many myths that are evolving around people. This is because these myths and misconceptions cause delays in the treatment of addiction patients. As a result, we’ll go into great length on facts about addiction in this article, as the top rehabilitation facility in the nation that is actively trying to raise awareness about addiction.

Primary illness

Although it is true that addiction is a primary disease, our society does not view it as such because whenever a patient with an addictive disease or his family is asked about the cause of their addiction, they always respond that their lives are full of stress and tension, which is how they became ensnared in this disease. Some claim that they are affected by this disease because of certain external circumstances, but it is crucial to understand that addiction is a fundamental disease and is not brought on by any external circumstances. It results from a personal propensity to engage in addiction. However, it also contributes to other illnesses, including hepatitis, diabetes, psychosis, depression, etc. Family dysfunctionality due to addiction can cause mental health issues and enable substance abuse to a person. Treatment approaches that address both individual and family factors.

Progressive disease

It is true that addiction is a progressive disease, but some people claim that those who use drugs excessively also become victims of this disease. This idea that those who use drugs excessively will become victims of addiction is false. Although the amount of drugs used does not affect the disease of addiction, it is true that those who battle addiction typically take more drugs as it progresses. A person with an addiction has serious health problems. As time goes on, his health deteriorates, and this is because addiction develops over time. If you or a loved one is in need of addiction treatment, examining the beliefs that contribute to addiction can provide valuable insights.

Chronic disease

Since addiction is a chronic disease that cannot be cured but may be managed, management of the condition must last a lifetime. The fact that the metabolic error in the liver persists for the rest of one’s life explains why addiction is a chronic disease. Addicts are unable to take drugs in a safe manner for the rest of their lives. Due to the chronic nature of addiction, which can be treated by complete abstinence and participation in a treatment program, he is now permanently unsuited for any form of drug use.

Potential fatal disease

It is common knowledge that addiction has the ability to claim the life of the addicted person. An addict’s life can be taken both directly and indirectly by their addiction. Direct drug overdose and withdrawal effects have the potential to be lethal. Substance abuse recovery plays an important role in understanding and addressing the risks and helping people to control their lives from addiction. There are numerous ways that addiction can indirectly take a patient’s life if we talk about indirect mortality in addiction.

For instance, driving while intoxicated is a prime example of addiction-related indirect fatality. Addiction is to blame for a lot of accidents, including getting into a fight while under the influence of drugs and losing his life. Therefore, addiction is a condition that may be lethal.

Family disease

It is also true that addiction is a family disease because it has been shown that family members also experience the negative effects of addiction, even when the patient only experiences the positive effects of using drugs. Family members take care of the patient’s addiction-related mess. The patient is shielded from the effects of medications by their family. Eating Disorders are common in many addicts nowadays. Eating disorder treatment is an essential component of addressing the root causes of addiction and establishing a path towards recovery. Similar to how addiction causes character flaws in the patient, living with an addict causes family members to exhibit harmful behaviours.

As a result, the effects behaviorsof addiction spread to the entire household.

Chemical addiction Type I and Type II

Additionally, there are two types of chemical addiction. The first type of addiction is type I, in which a person first experiences reliance or addiction as a teenager. With this addiction, the patient is unable to regulate his drug usage and loses all self-control. He feels no remorse for consuming drugs, in contrast to a patient who, after age 25, develops type I addiction. In this addiction, the patient maintains control over his drug usage and follows a maintenance schedule. Seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction can help patients to reclaim control over substance use and achieve sobriety. With evidence-based care custom to patient’s needs, recovery is possible. For instance, people with type I addiction use harm reduction strategies such as maintaining a balanced diet, resting in a healthy manner, going for regular walks, and engaging in physical activity. Once they have used the substance, they feel remorse and guilt. Because there is a lack of knowledge about addiction and its different forms in our society. Sadaqat Clinic Karachi, the best drug rehabilitation center in Karachi, is making an effort to raise awareness about these new problems so that those who are addicted can receive assistance from professionals in addiction treatment and working effortlessly in this area to bring awareness about this disease of addiction in our society.

Our goal is to raise awareness about these pressing issues through this platform so that you or a loved one who is struggling with any of these addictions can get help as soon as possible. We hope that after reading this article, some of your misconceptions about the disease of addiction got cleared.

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